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5 essential oils for hair health, and why your locks will love them

Maiden Masque

Essential oils have been making the world’s hair turn heads since before the pyramids were built. And as nature’s best treatment for dry hair, it’s no surprise they’re still killing it today. 

From a thicker mane, to a soothed scalp, to a gorgeous, glossy shine, the right essential oils can do it all. That’s why we’ve pulled together five of our favourite essential oils for hair health. These beauties can help with everything from dandruff to dryness - and as if that wasn’t enough, they’ll make your locks smell delicious, too.


  1. Sweet Orange

As well as leaving your hair smelling good enough to eat, sweet orange essential oil has some major benefits for your hair. Rich in vitamin C, it strengthens your roots and stimulates growth. It also soothes irritated skin, which your scalp will love. And it promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety and stress, which your mind will thank you for too. We’re loving using castor oil for hair growth, so try mixing the two together to make your own sweet orange and castor oil hair mask.

  1. White Grapefruit

Pink grapefruit’s underrated cousin, white grapefruit is packed with hair-healing qualities. Massaged into your hair, the oil can help promote hair growth, fight dandruff, and keep your follicles healthy. On top of that, it’s a natural stress-reducer and mood-enhancer, stimulating circulation and keeping your mood bright and breezy. Mix a few drops in coconut oil, for an easy DIY white grapefruit and coconut oil hair mask.

  1. Patchouli 

An absolute powerhouse for your hair, patchouli essential oil has it all. It enhances hair growth, helps prevent dandruff, balances sebum production, can help boost your mood - and will leave your hair looking so shiny, you could almost see yourself in it. To help treat oily hair, shake a few drops of patchouli oil in your shampoo.

    1. Ylang Ylang 

    Pronounced Ee-lang Ee-lang, this oil comes from the yellow flowers of the Canaga Tree - a tropical beauty native to Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Ylang Ylang is pure bliss in a bottle, promoting relaxation and relieving stress and anxiety. Try mixing it with a little olive oil to make your own DIY hair mask for dry hair.

      1. Rose Geranium

      Rose Geranium essential oil is calming and balancing. It soothes the scalp, and keeps your hair living its best life. It’s high in antioxidants, and also has antibacterial properties that can help with dandruff and other scalp irritations. And to top it all off, it’s known to lower stress and anxiety. Mix a few drops into argan oil for a soothing rose geranium and argan oil hair mask, and you’ll keep both you and your hair feeling on top of the world. 

      Before you oil up, it always pays to do your homework, just to make sure you’re using your essential oils safely and correctly. And if you’re ever in doubt, the Maiden Masque is a fabulous and foolproof way to give your hair its essential oil fix.

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